11 Delightful Facts Of Jimmy Pardo

1. Jimmy Pardo é um comediante stand-up americano, actor, and host of the long-running comedy podcast Never Not Funny.

2. Pardo was born in Chicago, Illinois, and spent his first 8 years living on the south side, eventually moving to the south suburbs of Chicago.

3. In 1980, his family moved to Oak Forest, Illinois where he attended Oak Forest High School.

4. In 1986, he moved to Pasadena, California to attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

5. He attended for one year, then returned to Chicago to pursue a career in stand-up comedy.

6. In late 1988, Pardo started performing at open microphones at various venues around Chicago, including “The Roxy”, “The Last Laugh” and “The Comedy Cottage”.

7. The plethora of successful comedy clubs in the area at that time meant Pardo started earning money almost immediately, allowing him to quit his day job as a sales rep for MCA Records. In addition to his comedy CDs Uno, Pompous Clown and Sprezzatura, in 2007 Pardo appeared on the comedy compilation CD Comedy Death-Ray.

8. After doing live talk and game shows at such Alternative comedy venues as the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, Jimmy Pardo began the award-winning podcast Never Not Funny at the urging of now-producer Matt Belknap.

9. The show is in its eighteenth season and placed Pardo among the founders of comedian podcasting.

10. Many of his guests have gone on to host their own podcasts.

11. Pardo is married to comedy writer Danielle Koenig, daughter of actor Walter Koenig.

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