11 Powerful Truths On Russell Peters

1. He began performing in Toronto in 1989 and won a Gemini Award in 2008.

2. Peters was born in Toronto, Ontario to Eric and Maureen Peters.

3. Peters attended Chinguacousy Secondary School for grades 9–10, and North Peel Secondary School in Bramalea for grades 11–12. In school, he was regularly bullied because of his ethnicity.

4. By the 1990s, he was a well-connected DJ in the Toronto scene.

5. He has since gone on to perform in several countries worldwide.

6. In 1992, Peters met comedian George Carlin, one of his biggest influences, who advised him to get on stage whenever and wherever possible.

7. Peters attributes his 2004 performance on the Canadian TV comedy show Comedy Now!, which was uploaded onto YouTube and became viral, as the turning point in his career. While the initial video upload featured his entire 45-minute performance, YouTube users subsequently uploaded segments of the performance where Peters focused on individual cultural groups.

8. According to Peters, those segments made their way to the “targeted” cultural groups and were well received by them.

9. He ended up selling over 30,000 tickets nationally over the two-day sales period.

10. Peters hosted the Canada Day Comedy Festival 2006, and participated in a USO tour of Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany, Africa and Greenland in November 2007 with Wilmer Valderrama and Mayra Veronica. He also currently produces and stars on the radio situation comedy series Monsoon House on CBC Radio One.

11. Peters was the host of the televised 2008 Juno Awards ceremonies in Calgary on April 6, 2008, The show received the second-highest ratings of any Juno Awards broadcast.

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