13 Cheerful Facts You Did Not Know About Paul Rodriguez

1. Rodriguez was born in Mazatlan, Mexico to Mexican agriculture ranchers. His family migrated to East Los Angeles, California, where Rodriguez enlisted in the United States Air Force and was subsequently stationed in Uruguay and Duluth, Minnesota, U.S. Rodriguez considered becoming a lawyer, but instead ventured into the field of comedy.

2. Pablo, a sitcom produced by ABC, but the show was canceled after seven episodes.

3. During his tenure as host, the show began using the 1958 song “Book of Love”, by The Monotones, as a theme song.

4. He later hosted a Friday nighttime television show called El Show de Paul Rodriguez that was broadcast on Univision from March 2, 1990 to January 1, 1993.

5. From 2010 to 2011, Rodriguez hosted two seasons of the MTV Tr3́s comedy home video series Mis Videos Locos.

6. The reality show features video footage of Latino people from various countries who are filmed by devices such as surveillance cameras and mobile phones.

7. Rodriguez has appeared in several feature films, such as Blood Work with Clint Eastwood, D.C. Cab, Born in East L.A., Tortilla Soup, Rat Race, and Ali, and has also performed voiceover roles for King of the Hill, Dora the Explorer, and Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

8. Rodriguez has also undertaken other roles in the film industry: He directed and starred in the film A Million to Juan, and he produced and appeared in the 2002 comedy film The Original Latin Kings of Comedy.

9. In 2009 the Paul Rodriguez: Comedy Rehab movie featured a night of Latino comedy that is hosted by Rodriguez

10. He has performed for several Comic Relief charity specials and, in 1995, he performed a comedy television special that was broadcast live from San Quentin State Prison.

11. Rodriguez has been a vocal and active supporter of the Republican Party.

12. In 2010 Rodriguez endorsed Republican Meg Whitman during her campaign against Jerry Brown to become governor of California.

13. “Paul Rodriguez endorses Meg For all these reasons Rodriguez is widely considered a sellout in the Latino community.

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