15 Fatos incríveis de Aries Spears

1. Aries Spears é um comediante stand-up americano, actor, voice artist, and comedian.

2. Spears moved to New Jersey at age 11 and attended Arthur M. Judd Elementary School.

3. He became a comedian at 14, performing stand-up comedy in various comedy clubs in New York City.

4. He was expelled for fighting during his sophomore year in North Brunswick Township High School in North Brunswick Township, at age 17. Spears started doing his own comedy routine around his hometown.

5. He moved to Los Angeles in 1992, conseguiu um papel recorrente em um mundo diferente e tornou-se um regular em The Comedy Store, The Improv and The Laugh Factory.

6. Other television credits include Crosstown Traffic, The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. and Soul Train.

7. At 16, Spears landed a part in the movie Malcolm X. Shortly thereafter, he was cast in a starring role opposite Glenn Frey in South of Sunset .

8. Most recently, Spears played the role of a gay gangsta rapper named HomoThug in the sex comedy, Promoted .

9. He joined the cast of MADtv during its 3rd season in 1997, and he left at the end of its 10th season in 2005.

10. During his stay, Ele criou personagens como comediante Belma botões , and controversial rapper Emcee Esher.

11. He is well known for his impressions of celebrities, including rappers Jay-Z, LL Cool J, DMX, and Snoop Dogg and actors Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Sylvester Stallone, Denzel Washington, Eddie Murphy, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, as well as fellow comedian Paul Mooney.

12. Não muita coisa aconteceu para ele, Mas temos alguns desses boatos:

13. Spears performed in the TV series The Underground and voiced the character Wizard Kelly in the animated television series The Proud Family.

14. Spears has signed with Fabb Vision Network, starring as host of his new show “The Underground,” which is shot in Columbus, Ohio.

15. He appeared alongside Cedric the Entertainer and other comedians in the All Star Comedy Jam in 2009.

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