16 Delightful Facts Revealed About John Pinette

1. He toured the comedy club circuit beginning in the 1980s and appeared in cinema and on television.

2. Besides stand-up, Pinette did impressions of The Chipmunks, Elvis Presley, Gollum from The Lord of the Rings, Hervé Villechaize , as well as various ethnic accents.

3. John Pinette was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on March 23, 1964, and graduated from Malden Catholic High School in 1982.

4. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts Lowell in 1986 with a degree in accounting.

5. Pinette got a break when asked to tour with Frank Sinatra.

6. Pinette was a regular guest on The Tonight Show and The View.

7. In 2004, Pinette was Bumpo in Artisan Entertainment’s The Punisher, starring Thomas Jane and John Travolta.

8. In 2007, Pinette performed at the 42nd annual MDA Jerry Lewis Telethon.

9. He performed at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 2008, and toured in cities in 2010 beginning in April.

10. During this tour, Pinette recorded a Comedy Central special entitled “John Pinette: Still Hungry”.

11. The world premiere of “John Pinette: Still Hungry” was on July 29, 2011, on Comedy Central.

12. Pinette was a host of the E4 laughs at Edinburgh podcasts, showcasing comedians from the Edinburgh Festival in 2008.

13. He was the host of All You Can Eat, a TV series taking a humorous look at American cuisine.

14. The show debuted on the H2 network in the U.S. in late June 2013.

15. Pinette was pronounced dead at 2:30 p.m. on April 5, 2014, at the Sheraton Station Square Hotel in Pittsburgh.

16. An autopsy was not performed, as Pinette’s personal doctor signed off on his cause of death as pulmonary embolism.

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