16 Secrets Zany que você não sabia sobre Grace Lee Whitney

1. She was known for her role as Janice Rand on the original Star Trek television series and subsequent Star Trek television series and films.

2. Whitney was born Mary Ann Chase in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and was adopted by the Whitney family, who changed her name to Grace Elaine.

3. After she left home, she began to call herself Lee Whitney, eventually becoming known as Grace Lee Whitney.

4. No final da adolescência, she moved to Chicago and where she opened in nightclubs for Billie Holiday and Buddy Rich, and toured with the Spike Jones and Fred Waring Bands.

5. Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry cast Whitney in the role of Yeoman Janice Rand, the personal assistant to Captain James T. igreja, in 1966.

6. Whitney said: “I was on diet pills trying to stay thin — and I was very thin.

7. She had claimed that, while still under contract, she was sexually assaulted by an executive associated with the series. Later, in a public interview, she stated that Leonard Nimoy had been her main source of support during that time.

8. She went into more details about the assault in her book The Longest Trek, but refused to name the executive, saying in the book, “This is my story, not his.

9. Numa entrevista posterior, she said of her termination from the series:

10. The other one was engaged to the boss, so guess who went?

11. Whitney returned to the Star Trek franchise in the 1970s after DeForest Kelley saw Whitney on the unemployment line and told her that fans had been asking for her at fan conventions.

12. Whitney reprised her role as Janice Rand, who had received a promotion to chief petty officer in Star Trek: The Motion Picture .

13. She also appeared in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock , with another promotion, as Lieutenant Commander Janice Rand.

14. Cinco anos depois, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the franchise, she returned in the 1996 Star Trek: Voyager episodeFlashback”, along with George Takei.

15. She reprised her role in two internet Star Trek episodes: “Star Trek: New Voyages” and “Star Trek: Of Gods and Men”.

16. New Voyagespremiered on August 24, 2007, enquanto “Of Gods and Men” made its debut in late 2007.

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