17 Popular Secrets You Did Not Know About Colin Quinn

1. Colin Edward Quinn é um comediante stand-up americano, actor, and writer.

2. Notable film work includes his role as Dickey Bailey in the Grown Ups films.

3. Quinn has also become known for his comedic one-man shows that offer his unique takes on history and growing up in New York City.

4. As of 2015, he has written and starred in five shows: Irish Wake, My Two Cents, Long Story Short, Unconstitutional, and The New York Story, two of which he collaborated on with Jerry Seinfeld as director.

5. Long Story Short was also filmed as an HBO special that aired on April 9, 2011 and Unconstitutional was released as a Netflix special in 2015.

6. Quinn was born and raised in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, the son of teachers.

7. Quinn began performing stand-up comedy in 1984, and first achieved fame in 1987 as the sidekick announcer of the MTV game show Remote Control, which lasted five seasons.

8. He wrote for In Living Color, and co-wrote and produced the movie Celtic Pride, which starred Damon Wayans and Dan Aykroyd.

9. In 1995, Quinn was hired by Saturday Night Live as a writer and featured player.

10. He established himself on the show with characters such as “Lenny the Lion” and “Joe Blow”, and did the recurring segment “Colin Quinn Explains the New York Times”.

11. Quinn commented on a number of highly publicized media circuses, including the Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal and the Microsoft Anti-Trust Trial.

12. During his SNL tenure, Quinn was offered the role of Scott Evil in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery by Mike Myers, which he turned down.

13. Quinn has called it the only project he has regretted turning down.

14. After leaving SNL, Quinn hosted the short-lived The Colin Quinn Show on NBC in the Spring of 2002.

15. Despite mostly positive reviews from critics, it was cancelled after three episodes.

16. Quinn had greater success with his subsequent show, Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, which ran on weekdays on Comedy Central from 2002 to 2004.

17. The show featured a panel of four comedians, with Quinn as host, discussing the social and political issues of the day.

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