6 Great Truths About Tim Sample

1. In the summer of 1993, Tim was recruited by Charles Kuralt as a correspondent for the Emmy Award winning TV Show CBS News Sunday Morning. Over the following 11 years, Tim produced over 100 “Postcards from Maine” segments which introduced millions of CBS viewers around the nation and the world to the lifestyles of Mainers.

2. Born in Fort Fairfield, Maine and raised in Boothbay Harbor, Tim and his wife Kevin Sample have a home in Washington County and an apartment in Portland, and despite the traveling his career calls him to do, he has never lived anywhere other than in Maine.

3. The liner notes for the album were written by humorist Marshall Dodge, who, along with his partner Rev. Robert Bryan, created the world-famous Bert and I recordings back in the 1950s.

4. After Marshall Dodge died in 1982, Tim recorded four albums and a video for the Bert and I company.

5. Sample and Bryan have collaborated on a number of projects since, including several TV specials, the popular recording How to Talk Yankee, and the TV specials Out of Season and Maine Humor Behind the Barn.

6. Tim Sample 2006 was recorded in June 2006 at The Bangor Opera House.

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