6 Powerful Secrets On Mark Saltveit

1. In his 20s, he began composing lengthy palindromes of his own.

2. His first (“Resoled in Saratoga, riveting in a wide wale suit, I use law, Ed.

3. I, wan, ignite virago, tar a snide loser.”) is remarkable for its length, but took only a matter of hours to compose.

4. In 1996, Saltveit founded The Palindromist, a biennial magazine devoted to palindromes and closely related forms of wordplay.

5. The contest, held in Brooklyn before a live audience of 700, was organized by enigmatologist Will Shortz.

6. Saltveit is the subject of a documentary short, A Man, a Plan, a Palindrome, which premiered at the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament in 2015.

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