8 Best Secrets Of David Lean

1. His parents were Quakers and he was a pupil at the Quaker-founded Leighton Park School in Reading.

2. His younger brother, Edward Tangye Lean , founded the original Inklings literary club when a student at Oxford University.

3. He was taken on as a teaboy, promoted to clapperboy, and soon rose to the position of third assistant director.

4. By 1930 he was working as an editor on newsreels, including those of Gaumont Pictures and Movietone, while his move to feature films began with Freedom of the Seas .

5. After this last film, Lean began his directing career, after editing more than two dozen features by 1942.

6. As Tony Sloman wrote in 1999, “As the varied likes of David Lean, Robert Wise, Terence Fisher and Dorothy Arzner have proved, the cutting rooms are easily the finest grounding for film direction.” David Lean was given honorary membership of the Guild of British Film Editors in 1968.

7. The first screening in Berlin during February 1949 offended the surviving Jewish community and led to a riot.

8. It caused problems too in New York, and after private screenings, was condemned by the Anti-Defamation League and the American Board of Rabbis.

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