7 Ridículos segredos revelados sobre Rich Vos

1. On the 2001 English Channel 5 show The People of New York vs Jerry Sadowitz, Vos was the bouncer, often performing his own skits.

2. In 2004, Vos released his first DVD, Vos, which consisted of an unedited 55 minute performance from a single camera angle recorded at the Stress Factory in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

3. In September 2005, Vos married comedian Bonnie McFarlane, who competed on the second season of Last Comic Standing.

4. Together they have a daughter, Rayna Lynn Vos, born on July 31, 2007.

5. His role on the show usually centered on jokes at his expense, na maioria das vezes destacando o seu discurso impedimento ou suposta falta de intelecto.

6. He has been seen on Premium Blend and had two half-hour specials on Comedy Central Presents.

7. In November 2011, Vos began a podcast with McFarlane called My Wife Hates Me.

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