12 Popular Truths About John Turturro

1. He has appeared in over sixty films and has worked frequently with the Coen brothers, Adam Sandler and Spike Lee.

2. An Emmy Award winner, Turturro has also been nominated for four Screen Actors Guild Awards and two Golden Globe Awards.

3. He majored in Theatre Arts at the State University of New York at New Paltz, and completed his MFA at the Yale School of Drama.

4. He repeated it the following year Off-Broadway and won an Obie Award.

5. This movie was the first of a long-standing collaboration between the director and Turturro, which includes work together on a total of nine films—more than any other actor in the Lee oeuvre

6. He has also been nominated and won many awards from film organizations such as Screen Actors Guild, Каннский кинофестиваль, Golden Globes and others.

7. Turturro produced and directed, as well as acted in, the film Illuminata , which also starred his wife, actress Katherine Borowitz.

8. В 2010, he directed Passione, which chronicles the rich musical heritage of Naples, Италия.

9. His stage directorial debut was in October 2011, with the Broadway play Relatively Speaking, in which he guided an ensemble of veteran actors in a production of three comedic one-act plays, written by Elaine May, Woody Allen and Ethan Coen.

10. Artist Ralph Turturro, composer and film director Richard Termini and actress Aida Turturro are his cousins.

11. He has two sons: Amedeo , С его женой, actress Katherine Borowitz.

12. Turturro participates as a member of the Jury for the NYICFF, a local New York City Film Festival dedicated to screening films for children between the ages of 3 и 18.

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