16 Friendly Truths Revealed About Kate Mulgrew

1. Katherine Kiernan Maria “Кейт” Mulgrew is an American actress with a career spanning four decades.

2. Mulgrew has won an Obie Award, a Golden Satellite Award and a Saturn Award, as well as a Golden Globe Award and Primetime Emmy Award nomination.

3. Mulgrew was born in 1955 in Dubuque, Айова, into an Irish Catholic family, to Thomas JamesT.J.Mulgrew II, a contractor, and Joan Virginia Mulgrew , an artist and painter.

4. престарелый 17, she was accepted at the Stella Adler Conservatory of Acting in conjunction with New York University in New York City.

5. She became a fan favorite and is still associated with the show long after its cancellation.

6. В 1979-80, she played Kate Columbo in Mrs. Columbo, a spin-off of the popular detective series, created specifically for her, which lasted 13 эпизоды.

7. В 1981, Mulgrew costarred with Richard Burton and Nicholas Clay in the Arthurian love triangle Lovespell as Irish princess Isolt who casts a spell on Mark, King of Cornwall, and his surrogate son, Tristan.

8. В 1985 she appeared in Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins in the role of Major Fleming.

9. В 1992, Kate appeared on Murphy Brown as Hillary Wheaton, a Toronto-based anchorwoman brought in to replace Murphy Brown during her maternity leave, but who turned out to have the same problem with alcoholism as Brown had previously dealt with at the beginning of the series.

10. Кроме того, в 1992, she played a guest starring role as a soap opera star who kills her husband and tries to cover it up, на “Она написала убийство”, Эпизод #170, titled Ever After.

11. She was on the verge of selling her house and moving into a less-expensive apartment in Westwood when she received a call to take the part of Captain Kathryn Janeway in Star Trek: Вояджер.

12. Mulgrew auditioned for the role of the captain, originally named Elizabeth Janeway, when producers announced casting for Star Trek: Вояджер.

13. She initially submitted a videotaped audition, which she made in New York City in August 1994.

14. Однако, she was unhappy with this audition and auditioned in person a few weeks later.

15. That day, film actress Geneviève Bujold was selected to play Janeway, but left the role after only two days of filming, after realizing that the amount of work required for an episodic television show was too demanding for her.

16. Mulgrew made history in the Star Trek franchise when she became the first female captain as a series regular in a leading role.

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