10 透露了利亚姆·坎宁安梦幻般的事实

1. 他是最有名的达沃斯Seaworth在权力的HBO史诗幻想系列游戏.

2. Cunningham was born in East Wall, which is an inner city area of the Northside of Dublin. He has three sisters and a brother, and was brought up in a Roman Catholic household.

3. Cunningham dropped out of secondary school at 15 and pursued a career as an electrician.

4. 在20世纪80年代, Cunningham moved to Zimbabwe for three years where he maintained electrical equipment at a safari park and trained Zimbabwean electricians.

5. After returning to Ireland, Cunningham became dissatisfied with his work as an electrician and decided to pursue his interest in acting.

6. He attended acting classes and began to work in local theatre.

7. He appeared in a production ofStudsat The Tricycle Theatre in Kilburn, 伦敦.

8. His on-screen acting continued with roles in War of the Buttons, and A Little Princess, before making his first major break-out role in Jude, playing Phillotson.

9. Cunningham came to international prominence with his role as Captain Ryan in the critically acclaimed, independent horror film, Dog Soldiers.

10. Cunningham currently resides in Dublin with his wife Colette, with whom he has three children, daughter Ellen and sons Liam Jr. and Sean.

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