11 强大的秘密博登齐默

1. 从 2013 自 2014, 她主演的卡的Netflix的原创系列之家.

2. 吉玛出生在西雅图, 华盛顿, 德国移民父母来自前东普鲁士.

3. 她说一口流利的德语, 话说在 2015 采访时表示,虽然她的父母和她说英语作为一个孩子, 她在德国度过每到夏天六周, 与她的外婆是谁只说德语.

4. 在同一时期, 她在几个独立电影被投如旋转周期, 家庭房, 和热血杀手.

5. 齐默尔最终预订了NBC喜剧早安她的第一部电视连续剧常规角色, 迈阿密的懒惰和烧毁的办公室助理, 巴林顿便士.

6. 后该系列被取消, 她花了第二季经常为姐姐莉莉沃特斯在CBS剧集, 天国的女儿, as well as guest-starring in episodes of NYPD Blue and Jake in Progress. It was accepted into the Tribeca Film Festival.

7. 在早期 2006, Zimmer was cast as Brianna, the competitive law undergrad, in the ABC crime/drama series In Justice.

8. Zimmer also portrayed industry powerhouse and studio executive Dana Gordon in the HBO original series Entourage from 2005 自 2011, arguably her most known role to date.

9. Zimmer performed in the world-premiere play, Girls Talk, alongside Brooke Shields, Andrea Bendewald, and Nicole Paggi. The play was written and directed by Roger Kumble.

10. She also starred in the NBC summer series Love Bites as Colleen Rouscher and had a guest appearance on USA’s Royal Pains, playing psychiatrist Dr. Abby Burton.

11. 第一次, to special effects artist Steve Johnson, whom she met when working on a Duracell TV commercial in the late 1990s.

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