20 友情真相你不知道阿明·希默曼

1. 他还说出了Agori领导Raanu在生化战士: 传奇重生.

2. He is known for voicing General Skarr in The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy and Evil Con Carne.

3. Shimerman was born to a Jewish family When Shimerman was 15, his family moved to Los Angeles, where his mother enrolled him in a drama group in an effort to expand his social circle.

4. He played trumpet in the Santa Monica High School Band. He graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles, then was selected to apprentice at the Old Globe Theater in San Diego.

5. He pursued a dramatic career in theater, eventually moving to New York.

6. Returning to Los Angeles he received roles in two CBS series, launching his television acting career.

7. Shimerman is best known for his role as the Ferengi bar owner Quark in the long-running television series Star Trek: 深空九号, though his involvement with the Star Trek franchise began with appearances as other Ferengi characters in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episodesThe Last Outpost” and “Peak Performance”.

8. He says that his favorite episode of Deep Space Nine wasLittle Green Menas it was the only episode where he is shown captaining a ship.

9. Along with Marina Sirtis, 乔纳森·弗雷克斯, 约翰·代·兰西, Michael Ansara, and Richard Poe, he is one of only a few actors to play the same character on three different Star Trek series.

10. He played Quark in Star Trek: 下一代, 星际迷航 》: 深空九号, and Star Trek: 旅行者.

11. In addition to Star Trek, Shimerman has had roles as Pascal on Beauty and the Beast and as Principal Snyder in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

12. He also has starred in Stargate SG-1 as one of the Nox, an evil wizard in Charmed, appeared as Stan the caddy in an episode of Seinfeld, 和博士. Patemkin on Leverage.

13. Shimerman has appeared as judge Brian Hooper in the third season of Boston Legal, joining fellow Star Trek actors William Shatner, Rene Auberjonois, and Ethan Phillips; Shatner played Captain Kirk on Star Trek, Auberjonois played Odo on Star Trek: 深空九号, and Phillips played Neelix on Star Trek: 旅行者.

14. Shimerman made an appearance asThe Terrorin The Tick live action series.

15. He also appeared in the episodePosse Comitatusof The West Wing as Richard III, and had a cameo role in both What the Bleep movies.

16. He also appeared in the episodeBuck the Studof Married… 与儿童.

17. Shimerman also appeared in the episodeWhere and Whenof the TV series Warehouse 13.

18. He also appeared in the episodeA Little Paranoia Among Friendsas radio personality Cecil Carr in the short-lived Tremors TV series.

19. In 2012 he also appeared on Castle in the episodeThe Final Frontier”.

20. In 2016, appeared as Max in the Western web series RED BIRD.

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