7 透露了尼克Amuka鸟淘气事实

1. 妮基·阿马卡·伯德是舞台的尼日利亚出生的英国女演员, 电视和电影.

2. 出生于三角洲, 尼日利亚, where her father still lives.

3. She left there as a young child with her mother and was brought up in England and in Antigua.

4. Attending boarding-school in Britain, Amuka-Bird originally hoped to be a dancer.

5. I hurt my back and at that point was deciding what to do university-wise and I thought I would try for drama college because I knew you could do some dancing there but it didn’t have to take over everything.

6. It was only really when I went to drama college that that world

7. In 2003, Amuka-Bird married actor Geoffrey Streatfeild, whom she met while touring with the RSC in Japan.

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